Wednesday, March 30, 2005


You never get a second chance at a first impression. Unfortunately for Brad Halsey, you never get a second chance at a last impression, either.

With 8 hits in 4 innings against the Giants Tuesday, Halsey certainly did his bid for the #5 spot no favors. It doesn't sound like Melvin was too, too concerned -- "Certainly, that one inning didn't look great, but I don't count that big-time against him… I like how he responded afterward," Melvin said -- but, still. A solid outing by Michael Gosling in front of 35,000 fans Thursday night at BOB, and Gosling may squeak by.

One possible suggestion that has been floated is that of going to a 4-man rotation in April, given some off days early on. This may not be a bad idea, as it would allow Halsey and Gosling to make 3 more starts down in Tucson to permit further comparison. But it doesn't sound like Melvin's going to go that route.

Other notes...

Matt Williams' limited partnership stake in the D-Backs was approved by MLB. This is not really news, but it does say that Williams' $3 M stake will be worth 0.5%, making the team's estimated value $600 million. (Of course, if you want to talk about the deferred nature of the payments -- $300,000 per year for 10 years -- at 6% interest, that makes the team's estimated value $442 million.)

The Hardball Times has its D-Back preview up -- nothing terribly earth-shattering, though it's interesting to see a national perspective on D-Backs management that doesn't repeatedly skewer them. One point on the discussion of "Weren't these guys supposed to be bankrupt?" -- it misses the point that with all the signings the D-Backs made this offseason, their 2005 payroll is still maybe $15 million below 2004.

Finally, as I listened to Bob Kemp's SportsZone on AM 1060 last night (avoiding my traditional favorite, "Gambo and Ash" on AM 910, who were talking about the Loren Wade case, which is way too depressing in way too many ways), Kemp mentioned that two local baseball writers have moved on to other pastures. Mark Gonzales, the national baseball writer for the Republic, is now the Chicago White Sox beat reporter for the Chicago Tribune (which must be akin to a CNN reporter asked to cover Rupert Murdoch). Ed Price of the East Valley Tribune, generally considered the best of the D-Back beat reporters, has moved on to cover the Yankees at the Newark Star-Ledger. (Guess the whole Randy Johnson affair was a long interview of sorts.) Their departure leaves the reporting on the D-Backs and baseball in local papers as pretty thin...

Hi! Stefan,

I posted a note to you here a day or two ago, speculating with/to you re: the final roster moves. Alas, the internet gods - in their imminent wisdom - apparently sent it elsewhere.

Anyway - a few thoughts. . .
Nice to run across someone who understands finance/time value of money/net present value (whatever one wishes to call it). Your calculations re: the Big Marine's purchase of an ownership share matched mine, save the discount rate you employed. I think a higher number than 6% is in order for such terms, which would lower that present value a smidge.

I absolutely believe having Gosling and Halsey make 2-3 starts each in Tucson is way better than having them 'available' in the AZ bullpen. I am not even sure why Melvin should even have to think that one through.

Oh, and to repeat something that was in the 'lost' post. . . keeping Q and sending Hairston to Tucson makes sense ONLY if Hairston is the first recall when someone goes on the DL or falters.

re: Mark Gonzales - never thought that much of him.

re: Ed Wade - huge loss. Only REALLY good beat writer the franchise has ever had.

ahh, well. . .


PS - I am looking for outfield help, if Sanders or Wilson are available and you see something of interest on the No Names.

Blogger has been particularly dicey of note. Posting has been no less difficult. I understand why other bloggers are considering moving on.

Re: Gosling/Halsey, I don't *think* Melvin is considering keeping both in Phoenix, but only starting one (I don't think there's space on the 25-man roster). I agree, keeping both but starting one is stupid.

I agree, Gonzales I could care less about, but Ed Price/Wade (you've got the Phillies on the brain, methinks) is a big loss.

As for the fantasy draft, it'll take me a while before I get the hang of the rules, so I'll probably lay low for awhile until other guinea pigs/brave souls do some stuff. But I'm always open to ideas.
Wow - "WADE"? And I don't even follow the Phillies very closely. . . or, at least, I didn't THINK I did. Funny.

As for the fantasy league, please let me know when you get the hang of the rules because I have only a vague idea of what *I* am doing.
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