Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Random Notes: Too Busy Edition 

Oh, but that I had time for a more detailed entry, but I've been running around like, as I told my wife, "a headless chicken on speed." (Which raises the question of whether poultry meth labs are a hidden menace. Or whether I've had enough sleep lately.) Luckily (for me), the D-Backs had a day off yesterday and don't play until tonight.

So here are a couple things you've probably already noticed today.

1) The Baseball Analysts hosted a discussion on the NL West. The consensus -- D-Backs in 4th place. While I'm more optimistic (either San Francisco's age, San Diego's youth, or Los Angeles' offseason will catch up with them, leaving 3rd place available), it's certainly a reasonable prediction.

2) Jim has opened the AZ Snakepit for business, setting into motion another change in my sidebar links, along with a some other changes. Comparing my sidebar today with that of last summer is similar to comparing the D-Backs' roster of today with that of last summer -- a few familiar faces, but considerable turnover. Hopefully the sidebar is better. I can guarantee that it's not overpaid. Anyway, I'd be surprised if anyone reading this wasn't already reading Jim's (old) blog, too, but in case you're the exception, do go check him out at his new digs.

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