Thursday, March 03, 2005

Random Notes: Statistics and Other Lies 

"Defense is huge in this game. One error will lose you a game a whole lot more than one homer will win you one." -- Troy Glaus, sabermetrician (or not)

Don't know if Troy was quoted out of context, but I'm much more concerned about his homerun totals than his error totals…

But not in Spring Training games, which officially start at 1 PM (Phoenix time) today for the D-Backs. Mindful of Jon's pledge, I'm not going to bother with statistics for any of the 19 players essentially guaranteed of a roster spot.

But I will try to keep you updated on the battle for the 5th spot in the rotation, the rest of the bullpen, and the final position bench spot by tracking the statistics.

Finally, Baby Backs - The Next Generation comes out of hibernation with a brief look at Spring Training and Baseballtopia, which I'd briefly put on my links then removed when it appeared it had been abandoned, is back. It will be returned to the links list momentarily.

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