Thursday, March 17, 2005

Random Notes: Department of the Obvious, Duh Division 

Helpful tip: Don't try to enter your men's basketball tournament bracket on ESPN's website 30 minutes before said tournament begins. Not good times.

At any rate, the D-Backs play a couple split-squad games today. Again, there's not much to report from yesterday's game regarding the ongoing position battles. The East Valley Tribune thinks the bullpen is set: Aquino, Koplove, Choate, Valverde, Villareal, and Lyon. Lyon has certainly pitched well according to the stats, but Valverde's and Villareal's stats are less than stellar. Not that that's indicative of anything, anyway.

Maybe the biggest news was the following comment from manager Bob Melvin when asked if his lineup Wednesday was the likely one for Opening Day:

"Nope. Potentially the hitting order, but there's still some work to be done on the catching spot."

The lineup was: Craig Counsell, Royce Clayton, Gonzalez, Glaus, Shawn Green, Jose Cruz Jr., Chad Tracy and Koyie Hill.

That sound you hear is the collective strangulated roar of D-Backs fans. Clayton? In the two-spot? Tracy? In the seven-spot? Now, clearly Tracy's had a bad camp, stat-wise (batting and slugging .208) while Clayton's done well (hitting .304, slugging .435). But as you're tired of hearing me say, Spring Training stats hardly mean anything. At the very least, I hope Melvin is willing to shuffle his lineup three weeks into the season if Clayton and Tracy swap their performances.

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