Thursday, March 10, 2005

Nothing To See Here, Please Move On 

Yesterday's game was notable for… let's see… apparently the game was "sun-splashed." That's all I've got.

Well, I suppose it's interesting to note that Sergio Santos is still getting time at shortstop and in spite of the fact that Melvin had said he thought Alex Cintron would be handling shortstop heading into the season, he (Alex) is still spending time at second base. Chad Tracy may not be the only young D-Back who could be on the trading block come June. Also of note: Koyie Hill got another start at catcher yesterday, which makes me think he's now definitely the front-runner for the catcher's job.

And speaking of moving on, it would appear that Christian Ruzich is the last man standing at All-Baseball, as the rest of the writers have moved on to Baseball Toaster. Same writing, new diaries. (Here's hoping Ruz can replace the talented troop of departing writers.) The head-spinning continues.

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