Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Long View Just Got Longer 

Before rambling, I'll just post these links to news that Barry Bonds thinks he'll be out until at least mid-season. (Thanks to BTF Primer for the links.)

You know, I was unsure which of the three California teams the D-Backs, with a little luck, would finish ahead of in the 2005 NL West race.

I think I've got my answer.

In general, I've been frustrated this spring training season because instead of taking the long view and focusing on a few, random things, noting the silly and sublime, I've given in to temptation and posted links to game summaries and insignificant roster moves (Medders and Cannon sent down; 40 men left in camp). And, really, wouldn't you prefer to hear my views on how concertos of all types remind me of empty RBI stats whereas chamber music lends itself much more to the analysis of stats and performance that is hidden by other things?

For comparison purposes, relevant data (such as it is) for Gosling and Halsey thus far this spring training:
M Gosling 3.77 5 3 14.1 18 6 6 0 5 9
B Halsey 2.77 4 2 13.0 12 5 4 0 5 8

Remember there's no way to control for the quality of competition and teammates, let alone for random acts of luck. But it's simply the number of hits that has Gosling slightly behind Halsey in the race, which won't be called at least until after Gosling's start Sunday. (Halsey starts Thursday.)

And since we still have one other important position to resolve:
K Hill 12 30 11 1 16 .533 .367
C Snyder 11 21 7 0 9 .429 .333
K Stinnett 14 20 7 1 14 .700 .350

As much as there's some hope that the D-Backs will jettison Stinnett and keep Snyder and Hill on the 25-man roster, I don't see anything in Stinnett's stats that would cause management to abandon their plan, regardless of whether it's right or wrong. I still expect Hill and Stinnett to be in Phoenix 2 weeks from now, and when one of them inevitably gets injured, Snyder will come up and fill in just fine.

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