Monday, March 21, 2005

Hello, Goodbye 

Never let it be said I'm not willing to blog on something that's not already common knowledge (with the exception perhaps of the first item). Sorry, guys, I've been swamped.

With today's (Monday's) strong outing by Michael Gosling, it looks like the race for the #5 rotation spot is still not settled. Saturday's strong outing by Halsey seemed to settle the matter unless Gosling pitched well today. Unfortunately for Halsey, Gosling apparently has (no runs given up).

Besides those games, here are some other links:
Friday: shaky outing by Estes
Sunday: Oscar Villarreal bids adieu to the 5-spot.
Sunday: nice outing by Vazquez.

In other news, Edgar Gonzalez, Jason Bulger, Adam Peterson and Bill Murphy, Tony Pena, and Marland Williams were all sent back down to minor-league camp, staying on the 40-man roster. Gonzalez never really pitched well in his bid for the #5 spot, and Pena got more press for his name change and visa problems than for his pitching, good or bad. Marland Williams seemed to make an impression, though, making the 2006 CF race a little more interesting.

Finally, news this weekend that two members of last year's D-Back Opening Day lineup -- Roberto Alomar and Danny Bautista -- got to Tampa Bay, went through Spring Training, and promptly retired. Although I understand Jim's concern about the difficulty in even getting to .500, the relative awfulness of the 2004 squad -- as exemplified by the immediate retirement of 25% of the Opening Day position-player starting lineup -- means to me that .500 isn't so unreachable.

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