Monday, March 28, 2005

Groundhog Day 

It's Monday again and have we…

-- settled on our fifth starter? Nope.
-- settled on our two catchers? Nope.
-- settled on our fifth bench spot? Nope.

I feel like I've been writing about these things for, oh, a month now, and still nothing has been resolved.

Still, with Jose Valverde probably heading for the disabled list and Chris Snyder's thumb undergoing intense scrutiny, perhaps we can begin to make some educated guesses:


Pitcher ERA IP H BB SO
M Gosling 3.44 18.1 21 8 10
B Halsey 2.50 18.0 19 7 9

Go ahead. Pick. I can't.

Assuming the rest of the bullpen is Aquino, Koplove, Choate, Lyon, and Villarreal (those last two seem to be accepted at this point), who gets the nod while Jose Valverde recovers from an injury that has Bad News written all over it?

Pitcher ERA IP H BB SO
L Cormier 5.73 11.0 15 2 7
B Bruney 3.38 8.0 9 5 11

They're both righties, and it seems Bruney's had the better of the spring trainings. Cormier's about 18 months older, so maybe there are some options issues with him, but barring that, Bruney seems like the better fit for the club in Valverde's absence (and, possibly, even in his presence.)

Hopefully by tomorrow we'll have our catcher situation resolved, though one of the interesting questions should Stinnett stick around is who gets dropped off the 40-man.

Couple other items:

BP does its Triple Play look at the D-Backs, this time focusing on Brandon Webb. The point about the D-Backs' defense being important to Webb's success is not news, but BP isn't too optimistic about the infield defense (or, at least, no more optimistic than 2004). They also think Webb's career so far points to a good, but brief career.

All-Baseball has its NL West preview up -- Jim does the honors for the D-Backs. His projected win total -- 75 -- is the same as what I've been tentatively saying, though I'm still working on putting actual numerical and entrail defenses behind that number.

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