Thursday, March 24, 2005

Drifting Sideways 

One day a meaningless win; the next, a meaningless loss. Estes had another outing that did not swell D-Back fans' hearts with, well, D-Back-ian pride. But, really, how bad has he been?

For fun, the IP, H, BB, K, and WHIP for the six remaining rotation contenders (remember, all Spring Training stats are worthless, but why not obsess over them? What else would we blog about?):

S Estes 21.0 23 7 11 1.43
B Webb 20.0 24 6 17 1.50
M Gosling 14.1 18 5 9 1.63
J Vazquez 13.1 8 1 7 0.69
B Halsey 13.0 12 5 8 1.31
R Ortiz 10.2 16 6 5 2.17

Shawn's right in the middle of the pack, with stats the same essentially as Webb, better than Gosling and Ortiz, and not quite up to Halsey and Vazquez' standard. Halsey starts today; another good outing, and I think the job's his. Gosling's been OK in the randomness of Spring Training, but Halsey's been slightly better.

For fun, part two, AB, SLG, BA for the prized role of 25th-man:

Q McCracken 32 .313 .281
S Hairston 30 .567 .333

I've seen one article recently (which I now cannot track down) which suggested that Hairston would start the season at Tucson. But the offensive stats suggest that Hairston has at the very least staked his claim to being the 26th-man when injuries eventually strike. At the very least, if the D-Backs look to trade Hairston, they have a solid Spring Training to point to as part of their sales arsenal.

All of which is to say that this Spring Training has been pretty dull from a non-attending fan's perspective. I've been deriving much more personal satisfaction from playing "follyball" with my daughter in the cool, dusky evenings. "Follyball" is a game consisting of:
-- a daughter
-- a dad
-- an oversized plastic bat
-- an oversized inflatable baseball and/or beach ball
-- lots of running
-- kicking and heading the ball, hacky-sack-style
-- pitching the ball to my daughter, who swings at it with a massive, non-steroidal swing
-- chasing said hit ball, and hitting it back volleyball-style
-- pulling the occasional weed out of the front yard (this is optional, but I can't stop myself)
-- laughter. Lots of laughter.

I know she's getting more enjoyment out of playing with me than out of playing sports per se, but it makes me happy nonetheless that she's enjoying the sporting life. (And that laughter really is priceless.)

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