Thursday, March 31, 2005

Always A Bad Sign... 

... When an article on autograph signing leads the news on the D-Backs' website. (Of course, when your Opening Day ace gets roughed up for 9 hits, including 3 HRs, 5 walks, and 9 runs in 5 innings, I'd probably lead with that other story, too. Or a story on kittens. Everybody looooooves stories about kittens. Especially those stuck in trees and rescued by the kindly fire department. Oh, yes, I'm whistling past that graveyard.)

In other "news," Bob Melvin announced that Koyie Hill would start Opening Day at catcher, which was of no surprise considering how Hill had torn up Spring Training and Chris Snyder's still got a sore left thumb.

Oh, and Robbie Hammock's expected to be back with the organization (3rd item down). Considering the dramatic drop-off in catching quality from Hill/Snyder to the Tucson platoon, this isn't a bad signing. Of course, Hammock's still got to make his way onto the 40-man roster, and I don't know how that'll play out.

Finally, a couple sidebar notes. First, Ducksnorts joined the all-baseball brigade a week or so ago, and I'm only now getting around to changing my sidebar link. Geoff's always a good read on the Padres, and plus, he plays in a band, which I find really cool. Second, I've added a link to my blog-in-training, Zooglobble, which is a children's music review blog. It's very much in development, with reviews being added at a glacial pace, but it you have kids (or nieces and nephews), I think you'll find the music recommended there to be of high quality.

More cool stuff to be posted later today... I hope.

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