Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Spring Training and You 

A few weeks back, I mentioned the possibility of getting together at a Spring Training game. I had the following suggestions:

Su 3/13 @ 1, Maryvale -- Brewers (ss)
Su 3/13 @ 1, Phoenix -- A's (ss)
Sa 3/19 @ 1, Peoria -- Mariners
Fr 3/25 @ 7, Surprise -- Rangers
Sa 3/26 @ 1, Peoria -- Padres
… and possibly the Red Sox games, which I'm assuming will be at night

Of that list, I'm probably most interested in the Padres game, with perhaps
the Mariners game #2.

So... any follow-up thoughts? I've gotta believe that Padres game will be comparatively easy to get tickets to as it: a) comes at the end of ST, and b) doesn't involve the Cubs or Giants. But maybe someone has a different perspective.

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