Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Random Notes: One Door Closes, Another Opens Edition 

Jeff Moorad's been approved by MLB to join the ownership group as a general partner, but not as CEO as originally announced. Ken Kendrick will become (continue to be?) managing partner, getting to go to all those cool owners' meetings. Moorad will run baseball operations.

Brett Butler, bunter extraordinaire, now attempting to teach D-Back pitchers the same. Goodness knows they need the help; they were quite poor last year. The major league player most similar to Butler, according to baseball-reference? Richie Ashburn.

In an announcement that surprised absolutely nobody, Javier Vazquez will make the Opening Day start.

And Ramon Pena now wants to be known as Tony Pena (above article, last point). Maybe he took a look at Tony Pena's career and Ramon Pena's career and went with the better of the two. Hey, Tony was part of the pitching process. That's close enough, right?

Finally, semi-official news that one of my favorite bands, the Jayhawks, is breaking up. Completely amicably, with a reunion tour of sorts for Gary Louris and Mark Olson, who left the band 10 years ago. Sadly the tour won't be coming anywhere near Phoenix. (A sentence that could be written about dozens of artists.) I do note, however, that they will be recording a new Golden Smog album, which is really good news, as the Weird Tales CD from the alt-country-ish supergroup is probably in my Top 10 list of favorite albums.

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