Friday, February 25, 2005

More Confirmation of D-Backs' Status 

BP: Welcome to Baseball Prospectus, Caleb!

Caleb: Thanks! Love your guys' work!

BP: Thanks. Now, listen, what with Gary Huckabay leaving and all, we're looking for someone to write one of our Prospectus Triple Plays. How does that sound?

Caleb: Fantastic. Those are fun to read, especially for poor schlubs who only ordered the hard copy of BP 2005 and don't have a Premium subscription.

BP: Yeah, I guess we have to throw a bone at the proles out there. So, anyway, we assign our PTPs the way some offices assign parking spaces -- by seniority. [Author's note: Pure speculation for comedic effect.] Given Gary's senior status around here, his departure has led to some reassignment of PTPs. Your assignment? The Diamondbacks, Tigers, and Royals.

Caleb: Uhhhh... is Blez hiring?


I kid, of course, and it could be that Caleb's been writing these PTPs for a while now and it's only the recent bylining of these that has brought his name into full view. It is, however, his first credited article on BP. In any case, the article itself is OK, but doesn't tell D-Back fans anything they don't already know.

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