Monday, February 14, 2005

BA and Beer 

The BA chat on D-Backs prospects -- here's a summary:
1. Stephen Drew is really, really good. Sign him, dudes.
2. Yes, there will be some clogging issues in at the corner outfield positions. (Quentin, Jackson, Zeringue)
3. Josh Kroeger is not part of that clogging problem.
4. Snyder will probably get the catching nod, with the "loser" (Hill) getting sent down to AAA for now.
5. The D-Backs have a few top-of-the-line pitching prospects, but overall their pitching is weak.

It's a good read, read it if you haven't already.

... And on the Dan Bickley / Mike Jurecki radio show this morning, Ken Kendrick made a cryptic allusion to some positive developments this year regarding "beer prices." Probably about 6 months too late (as Jim noted repeatedly last year, they should've done this last August), but lower prices is welcome news.

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