Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Yes, I'm Still Here 

… no, I don't have time to do anything meaningful. So here, then, is the best I can do with about 5 minutes (OK, 15).

1. Thanks to the Transaction Guy for including my brief analysis of the Shawn Green trade in his review of recent NL transaction activity.

2. So Shea Hillenbrand finally got traded to Toronto for pitcher Adam Peterson, sending Canada into a paroxysm of discussion (seriously, the discussion, which became more of a discussion on general Blue Jays moves, is enormous). No surprise here -- Hillenbrand will make too much money to play, what, half the time?

3. Shawn Estes, one year for $2.5 million. I'm essentially a hopeful individual, and will choose to hope that he does well. And if he doesn't, well, it's just one year.

4. Randy Choate signs a two-year, $1.3 million deal. I'd always thought Choate had a bad season, but that might've been just a few games where he, for example, blew one of Randy's masterful August outings. He's OK as LOOGYs go (note for future Random Fandom analysts: first use of the word "LOOGY" in the blog, possibly even correctly).

5. Certainly better than Stephen Randolph. Of course, what we really lost in Randolph is a bat -- here are some position players whose offensive Win Shares were less than Randolph: Doug Devore, Carlos Baerga, Juan Brito.

6. Finally, here's my best guess at the D-Backs' lineup come April (spurred by Jon's work at Dodger Thoughts; no, I didn't look at his, so I'll be curious to see if we match):

C: Hill/Snyder
1B: Tracy
2B: Counsell
SS: Clayton
3B: Glaus
IF: Kata
IF: Cintron
IF: Hammock
LF: Gonzalez
CF: PTBNL (Obviously, Kata and Cintron could be used as trade bait here...)
RF: Green
OF: Terrero
SP: Vazquez
SP: Ortiz
SP: Webb
SP: Estes
SP: Gosling ? (This is the great mystery, of course)
Closer: Aquino
Setup: Koplove
RP: Choate
RP: Fossum
RP: Valverde
RP: Villarreal
RP: Lyon

Posting may be sporadic for awhile. I'll do my best to keep up.

Such sophisticated vocabulary might get you labeled a SABR guy if you're not careful! Thanks to Levski's posts on the Republic message board, I've come around to thinking of Choate as useful too. Still, it seems like a lot of money for a LOOGY.

The main difference between you and Jon seems to be the realization that the D-backs have given up on Hairston and Terrero, and that we hate Fossum as the 5th starter.
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