Monday, January 03, 2005

Notes From The Weekend 

It was nice, I guess, to not have to deal with the Randy Johnson trade over the weekend. Certainly, if you were in New York, you did, but if you were in the hinterlands, of, say, Phoenix, the weekend passed with nary a comment in the papers.

As a result, my mind was clear, I could put off analysis of the trade until this week or possibly even next (Transaction Guy, however, couldn't wait.)

When it's finally official -- in other words, when I see a press release from the Diamondbacks -- I'll comment on the trade. Until then, I'll hope for yet another last-minute collapse in the trade talks (it's one thing to talk about a contract extension -- it's another thing to actually commit $50 million to Randy Johnson). But this much should be obvious -- the final analysis of the trade depends not on what happens between the Yankees and the D-Backs, but, rather, what subsequently happens (or doesn't happen) between the D-Backs and other teams.

Finally, from the Department of Contrasts, with the Phoenix Suns' win over the Trailblazers last night, they could lose their last 52 games and still end up with a better winning percentage (.317) than the D-Backs achieved in 2004 (.315). Eeeesh.

I didn't want to leave the impression the papers were completely quiet. But there really wasn't anything there after Saturday morning.
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