Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Halfway There? 

So, I've obviously been quiet about the reported trades. Even though the paperwork's been filed, it seems odd to spend time analyzing deals that still might collapse.

The Johnson deal has until Friday at 9 AM Phoenix time to be completed. There's no sense that this deal won't get done.

The Green deal, however, is another matter. As the Republic theorized yesterday, and the Tribune reports today, is running into snags based upon the D-Backs' reported desire to reduce Green's salary in any extension. The window, Ed Price reports, ends tomorrow at 8 AM Phoenix time.

Although most of the reported parameters of the Green trade make me nervous, I'm not that thrilled, either, by having three catching prospects and no real right fielder should the Green trade collapse. But I'm sure the D-Backs aren't done yet...

(By the way, it's not like I've got the D-Backs' entire farm system memorized, but I'd like to think I know most of the players who might make an impact in the next 2 or 3 years. So I think I speak for most D-Back fans when I say, "William Who?" Seriously, I can't properly analyze Juarez…)

Although I'd heard rumors about Hillenbrand to Toronto, Price also reports that if the Green trade actually happens, Hillenbrand would be traded to Toronto for righty reliever Adam Peterson. We'll see whether or not that happens.

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