Monday, January 10, 2005

Can I Type This? 

I mean, after analyzing a deal that doesn't happen, then doing a post-mortem on a deal that isn't dead, should I even write this before I physically see Shawn Green in a Diamondbacks uniform with my own eyes?

Why not? It's probably more interesting for you than reading about my half-marathon experience yesterday (a post which Blogger ate).

Here are two reports on the deal, which are somewhat confusing to me in that it's unclear if Shawn Green is guaranteed $30 M with a $2 M optional buyout or $28 M with a $2 M optional buyout. Frankly, I'm not counting the buyout, because I would be very surprised if a) the Diamondbacks want a 35-year-old Shawn Green at $10 M/year, and b) Green doesn't file for free agency.

So let's call it $28 M for 3 years. One would admit that this is a far sight better than the $49 M for 4 years Green was reported seeking. Once you add in the Dodgers' cash, the comparsion becomes even better -- $18 M for 3 years now versus $41 M for 4 years before.

I'm still not a fan of this deal because I suspect that the D-Backs could do better with using their cash for pitching and having Jackson and Quentin in the outfield. But at $18 M for 3 years, I guess I just don't have enough energy to work up much anger (running a half-marathon will do that to you).

If the Diamondbacks were dead-set on making this deal -- and, at three attempts to get Shawn Green, it seems clear they were -- this is probably as good as naysayers like me could've hoped for.

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