Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Uhhh... No News Here... 

I really hadn't anticipated being silent, blogging-wise, for about 8 days. But I was gone for a portion of that time in a place a good 150-200 miles away from the nearest major league team. As a result, news in the local paper of the 3-way trade's collapse was brief and focused on the Yankees' anger with the Dodgers. (All this after I violated my own semi-"rule" about only posting attributable items and commented on the "paperwork" submitted to MLB offices for the trade. Serves me right.)

The Dodgers' about-face made sense only if they decided (like most people did) that the trade was bad, bad, bad for them. And then they signed JD Drew. Not quite sure where that leaves them.

(And I can tell that it wasn't a big baseball newspaper when the Red Sox's signing of Varitek to a 4-year deal was mentioned only briefly in the agate type of the Scoreboard's "Transactions" section.)

So here we are a week later. There are rumors that the Yankees and Diamondbacks are talking once more, but having been burned once, I'm not going to post links to those unattributed articles. If you're reading this, you probably already know who we're talking about...

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