Friday, December 10, 2004

Randy, Meet Russ... Randy? Randy? 

On the heels of reports that Russ Ortiz will be signed shortly (and MLB.com reports that it's four years, not three), Mark Gonzales now quotes Alan Nero, one of Randy Johnson's agents, as saying...

"I don't think there's anyone more positive than Randy. Randy has a very positive outlook — he just feels determined he needs to be elsewhere. If they came to us and said, ‘We're proving we can win, and these are things we want to do, and want to entertain an extension,' I'd have something to say. They're a little busy right now. The one thing that Joe and Jeff have been consistent is that they believe they can compete, so certainly they're making moves that would lead us to believe that that's their mission. But how it reflects on Randy, I don't know."

Now I've strung together the quotes in the article in order to make them one paragraph. Who knows in what order Nero said these things, or what Gonzales left out. But that's a whole bunch of contradictory statements there. Does Randy want out? Does Randy want an extension? Does Nero actually know what his client's feelings are? ("But how it reflects on Randy, I don't know.") And, setting aside those questions, who knows what Nero's agenda is here.

But if somebody's willing to be quoted on the record, I'm willing to pass it on.

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