Thursday, December 16, 2004

Random Thoughts 

Counsell finally signs, 2 years, $3.1 million. The value of the signing (besides engendering the "good will" that comes from signing the ever-nebulous "fan favorite") will come from what the D-Backs end up deciding about Cintron's, Hillenbrand's, and Hairston's future with the organization.

Sexson gets $50 million for 4 years. Leone for Third tries to remain optimistic. Check out the first year's contract amount, though -- $4.5 million. Seattle appears to be even more aggressive than the D-Backs (let alone the Giants) in trying to compete immediately in 2005. For all those people who thought the Glaus signing was nuts, I gotta believe they're no less apopleptic about this signing. (He's older, with less upside, playing a less-skilled position that he may have to abandon to pay left field.) In any case, best of luck to Richie, who seemed (in his brief D-Back tenure) to be a nice guy and teammate.

I have no opinion on the Giants' signing of catcher Mike Matheny other than what somebody else, namely Dan from Baseball Primer , tells me to have. Having said that, my opinion is now very funny.

MVN's D-Backs website, Out in the Desert, has a new author. Here's Joseph Jackson's first attempt to fill Levski's bloggy shoes. Welcome aboard!

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