Friday, December 10, 2004

A Few More Thoughts 

1. See here for discussions on switch-pitchers in major league baseball. (Anyone want a SWOOGY?)

2. There are no decent Phoenix Suns blogs. This is an opportunity for somebody out there. (By the way, Jim, I also looked for Virginia Tech football-specific blogs. There aren't any. An opportunity for you.)

3. I've decided to reserve most judgement on any personnel transactions until the team is basically set. Yes, the fourth year of Glaus's contract makes me very nervous (will it be Matt Williams redux?) But it seems increasingly likely that "overpriced" contracts are going to be the rule, not the exception. For all the people who call Glaus' contract "The Worst Free Agent Contract of 2004," just wait a couple days. Heck, just wait until Richie Sexson signs a multi-year contract with somebody. But I want to look at the entire range of FA signings and trades and put the D-Backs' moves in context. Patience.

4. Sexson vs. Glaus, VORP by age
21: -- -5.9
22: -0.5 24.2
23: 16.0 81.9
24: 17.2 54.5
25: 29.2 42.2
26: 44.6 26.0
27: 47.4 19.7
28: 58.7
29: 7.3
Total: 219.9 242.6

Seems like the upside for both players is about the same, though Glaus did have his monster 2000 season. Sexson's been more consistent... until his injury. Your view of the contract(s) both players receive is essentially based on how you think each player will come back from an injury.

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