Saturday, November 06, 2004

Won't Get Fooled Again 

So does anybody look good after this week?

Ken Kendrick?  Although he had a valid point (that is, the old regime hired Backman to begin with without doing any background checks), attributing it to a corporate "culture" prior to his arrival ("it was him, I tell you, not me, him") without even mentioning the Cardinals or Coyotes made him sound petulant.  Admit you screwed up, and that it'll never happen again, be quiet, and move on.

Jerry Colangelo?  As noted above, maybe it's lucky the Suns and D-Backs went as long as they did without any major catastrophes.

Wally Backman?  'Nuff said.

Jeff Moorad?  Congratulations, Jeff, you'll get to deal with the fallout from this, as Kendrick says he's going to drop out as the public spokesman.  (Oh, yeah, and elsewhere in the Republic, they report that Sexson wants a guaranteed $10 million per year for three years.  Good luck explaining to fans why Sexson won't be here in March.  Or why you won't try to sign Stephen Drew before then, either.)

Bob Melvin?  Sure, there's the upside of being the savior.  But he finished in 2nd to that guy.  Also see above notes on Jeff Moorad.

About the only person I can see that did OK was Jay Bell.  Hired one day before to be bench coach by Backman, I figured he was gone.  But sure enough, Melvin kept him on as bench coach (and kept Al Pedrique and Glenn Sherlock, too.)

The only thing I can't figure out is what made the D-Backs' management decide to drop Backman.  They really didn't learn much since Wednesday morning, at which time they were still making fairly positive noises about Backman.  There was nothing in any of the articles I read that gave an explanation.  The only thing I can surmise is that the possibility that Backman might have his 2001 DUI probation revoked for his 2002 harrassment conviction, meaning up to a year of actual jail time.  That would not be a good thing for the franchise.

Let's all hope we've learned something from this week, and move on.

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