Friday, November 19, 2004

Where's His Rookie Card Again? 

I don't normally do these "hey, congratulations!" postcard-entries, but here you go -- Chad Tracy was named to the Topps All-Rookie Team yesterday. With Khalil Greene and Jason Bay on the team as well, he's in good company.

Chad Tracy... hey, congratulations!

Got a question for you.

I represent Most Valuable Network, a community of weblogs. We generally have one writer cover a team, and right now, we have no one covering the D-Backs. I've read through your column and think you would do well with the job. It's not a paying position, yet, but it's a good way to have your site read. Please e-mail me at joseph_jackson@mostvaluablenetwork.com, or Evan Brunell, the owner, at evan_brunell@mostvaluablenetwork.com and let either of us know if you're interested. The website, if you want to check it out, is www.mvnsports.com. Thanks for your time!
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