Thursday, November 11, 2004

If At First You Don't Succeed... 

... Troy, Troy again.

The Arizona Republic reports this morning that Ken Kendrick said that Angels free agent third baseman Troy Glaus represents a "possible viable alternative" should first baseman Richie Sexson sign elsewhere.  I guess the logic here is, a) he'd be cheaper ($5 M/year, or at least less guaranteed cash than Sexson's asking for), and... well, there is no b).  They're basically hoping to get Richie Sexson production for less-than-Richie-Sexson prices.  The other implications of seeking out Glaus are the probable retention of Shea Hillenbrand at 1st and the moving of Chad Tracy to the outfield, presumably right field (which would likely mean bye-bye to Danny Bautista).  With the exception of letting Bautista go, I can't imagine this possibility is being greeted with "Huzzah!"s across D-Back fandom.

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