Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Future... 

… is for the young and old.

Starting with the old, at the bottom of this article on Sandy Johnson's departure for the Mets front office, the increasingly bleak possibility of signing Sexson, is buried this nugget:

"[Randy] Johnson has one year left on his contract, which will pay him $16 million, but the club eventually plans to discuss with Johnson the possibility of either signing him to a contract extension or gauge his interest in being traded."

Why do I highlight this? Well, for one, it lends credence to the possibility I mentioned last month -- that we should begin to ask whether Randy needs a contract extension. (I'm not ashamed to toot my very small horn.) Secondly, and more importantly, it makes the issue of trading Randy Johnson more complex. It's unclear whether Randy has said specifically, "I'm not retiring after 2005," but it does seem like Randy could be looking in any trade for the same type of deal Curt Schilling got -- a trade and contract extension. So rather than Randy being willing to accept a trade to pitch for 3-6 months with a team willing to essentially rent his services at half a million a start, he may be looking for additional security -- 1, 2, or even 3 more years. I can't imagine he'd be willing to take much less than the current $16 million he currently receives. The number of teams willing to take on that kind of very high risk/very high reward scenario is much more limited than, say, a team like San Francisco looking to make a final push in late July.

And for the young, MLB is looking to revamp the Arizona Fall League, including opening it up to free agents.

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