Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Everybody Likes Pie 

My wife and in-laws are not big turkey fans. As a result, it's been a few years since I've actually had turkey for Thanksgiving. In spite of my tryptophan deprivation, I've enjoyed the Thanksgiving food (aside from the more social aspects of the holiday, which are its best part). This year we tried making seafood lasagna, which turned out fairly well. But it was only in talking with co-workers and friends after the long Thanksgiving weekend that I realized what the true Thanksgiving food is:


Really. As someone, echoing the thoughts of others, told me this week, "It's all about the pie." No matter whether the turkey is dry, the sweet potatoes mushy, and the green beans bland, if the pie is good, it's all good.

And the pie is always good.

Pie would've been one of the things I'd've been thankful for, if I'd've bothered to post a list. I thought about doing so, but time constraints and realization that it would've been a really sappy read foreclosed that option to me. Thankfully, Jim was constrained by neither.

Of course, the fact that people like pie isn't exactly news. But, then again, neither is much else being reported around the Diamondbacks these days. I mean, the news is that there's, well, no news.

BOB will remain BOB in the 2005 season. (What's interesting here is that apparently the relevant poobahs have decided what the name is, they just haven't finalized the logo or color scheme.)

We still haven't heard from Richie Sexson's agent. We still haven't heard from Stephen Drew and Scott Boras. Heck, the biggest news is that David Dellucci thinks the D-Backs will be in the running for his services in 2005. Now, I was going to make some sarcastic comment about this, but as I thought about it, I decided this was actually good news. Dellucci had a VORP of 8.1 with 11 win shares (1 WSAA) last year, while Danny Baustista had a VORP of 14.4 and 12 win shares (-4 WSAA) and is a year older than Dellucci. Danny's going to want, what, $3 or $4 M this year? The D-Backs have offerred Dellucci $800,000. The article suggests that it might take $1 M to land Dellucci. I'd suggest that it'd probably be worth the extra $200,000 to sign him and let Bautista go.

In the absence of news, there's plenty of speculatin' going on, but I've generally found it difficult to get excited about that. I mean, the biggest Randy Johnson supporter would probably be happy to see the D-Backs trade Johnson for, say, Albert Pujols, Jim Edmonds, and Scott Rolen. And the biggest trade advocate wouldn't want to trade Randy to the St. Louis Cardinals for a bucket of warm spit. (Beer snobs may insert their own Budweiser joke here.) But without anything concrete from teams or players or agents (check out the repeated use of "may" or "reportedly" in the above article), it seems we don't know much of anything.

And, really, until we know where Richie's going -- if he's going -- I just don't see the D-Backs pulling the trigger on any Randy Johnson trade.

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