Thursday, October 07, 2004

Whisper To A Scream 

Thoughts on yesterday's games:

Houston at Atlanta: Whatever. OK, I probably shouldn't be so flippant, but there's a reason why this game is scheduled for 1 PM Phoenix time two days in a row. No compelling storyline. I don't know, if the "Killer B's" continue to play well, I can certainly see that becoming played up, but unless the Astros meet the Yankees in the World Series, who really cares? (No offense to Houston or Atlanta fans... believe me, I know what it's like to cheer for a team nobody really cares about nationally.) What kind of game was it for Atlanta? After one Houston homerun, an Atlanta fan threw the homerun ball back onto the field... and accidentally plunked a Brave outfielder in the back. (Luckily, the Brave didn't go all Milton Bradley on the man.)
Los Angeles at St. Louis: No, they didn't play, but what is it with Milton... getting into a physical argument with a reporter? Not good.
Minnesota at New York: So close. So close. We could've gone to Minnesota, and the Yankees probably would've lost once and never returned to New York. Now we have to listen to hagiography about A-Rod "finally earning his pinstripes," more Derek Jeter, and that damn comeback victory mark. Can we please spend a little time (on TV -- blogs cover it well) talking about how the reason the Yankees have so many comeback victories is that they have a $100 offense, a $20 relief staff, and a nickel starting pitching staff? Can we try not to talk about last year's Twins-Yankees series?

I don't blame Gardenhire for bringing Nathan out in the 12th; I do question him for not pulling him after the 1st walk to Cairo, and for not making up his mind who he wanted to warm up (on the radio it sounded like Crain and Romero would each alternate, like, 5 pitches, and then sit down), which might have forced his hand. Still, I hope the Twins focus on the fact that they, too, chased their opponent's best closer. After last night, how can you not bring Santana back in Game Four?

And, finally, what's with the standing-back-and-flipping-the-bat thing? Torii, A-Rod, you both know better than that.

Anaheim at Boston: And after the Twins-Yankees game, I didn't bother staying up for the rest of the Angels-Red Sox game. While Pedro didn't quite look like the Pedro of old, he didn't look like the Pedro of 3 years from now, either. My only question is... did Boston and SoCal fans have to sit through the Twins-Yankees game before getting to watch their game, or ESPN at least switch to coverage in those areas of the country?

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