Wednesday, October 06, 2004

This Is So Much Easier Now... 

... that I don't have to stress about the D-Backs' walks, lack of walks, lack of strikeouts, defense, or offense.

So... let's see, in scattered, random style...

Playoff Satisfaction index: Yesterday I talked about my preferences for the divisional series. I've decided to quantify my misery (or lack thereof) by keeping score during the playoffs. Of the 3 games yesterday, the only team I wanted to win who lost were the Dodgers. So I'll give myself a Playoff Satisfaction (PS) score of 7 (since I'd weighted the Red Sox with a 3 and the Twins with a 4) out of a possible 9. I'll keep a cumulative PS score throughout.

That's just the kind of sabermetric innovation you've come to expect from me, right? ;-)

My Daughter Predicts: I'd also talked about how my daughter wouldn't pick winners in the series on Monday night. Well, I tried again last night, with much more success:

Los Angeles over St. Louis
Houston over Atlanta
Boston over Anaheim
New York over Minnesota

Yes, the predictions were made after the New York-Minnesota game started, but she's 1-2, so she can hardly be suspected of cooking the books on this one.

Thoughts on the series:
Minnesota-New York: Santana looked OK, but got out of jams when he had to. Nothing I saw would lead me to believe that New York can't win the next 2 games, which leads to the $64,000 question -- do you start Santana in Game 4. Frankly, I don't care whether the Twins are up or down 2-1 in the series, I think you have to start him in Game 4, to shut the door on the Yankees, or just to get you to Game 5.
St. Louis-Los Angeles: The only thing the Dodgers have to hang their hat on is that the Cardinals' pitching still isn't super. But it doesn't look good for the men in blue, does it?
Boston-Anaheim: I'm more worried about the Angels' chances -- Boston has Pedro, plus one more start from Schilling. Oddly enough, even though Anaheim looked to me better offensively than the Dodgers (they just couldn't put a good inning together), I think they're sunk.

Random Diamondbacks note: In the first inning of the Yankees-Twins game last night, Fox put up a graphic comparing the Yankees' first-inning success with the Twins' lack thereof. The only team with fewer runs scored in the first inning in 2004? The Diamondbacks -- just shows you how anemic the offense was -- nobody getting on base.

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