Tuesday, October 26, 2004

This And That 

You wake up expecting to blog on Friday night's Pixies concert, and then news unfolds...

The Diamondbacks are expected to officially announce their 2005 schedule today. They'll open at home against the Cubs. More cryptically is this from the Republic article on the announcement:
As good of a season-opening draw as the Cubs are, the Diamondbacks have
kicked up the excitement level even further by having secured a two-game
exhibition set at the ballpark against another club that brings just as much fan
appeal as the Cubs.

The Diamondbacks are waiting until today to formally announce the team in
question, but the franchise is considered a powerhouse, especially this year.

Seems clear to me that the Red Sox will be coming to town...

Then, here's news that Al Pedrique wants to stay with the D-Backs. Well, it's not really news -- everybody knew that -- but his return there as 3rd base coach would be fine by me...

And after talking about stats stringers and reporters, here's another job: major league scout. Of course, the pay is pretty low (starts at $30,000-$40,000), the hours are bad (16 hours/day sometimes), and to even get invited to the Scouting School is invitation-only. Oh, and Moneyball-obsessed bloggers need not apply:

"The industry has come light speed forward with computers, ray guns and
everything else. But unless you have a trained eye, you just can't see what
you need to see."

Tom Randolph was sent to the school by the New York Mets.

"In scout school, subjectivity is praised," Randolph said. "Mr. Pries asked
us every day, 'Do you like that guy?' We learned gut feeling is a good thing.
Liking a player can be the unscientific manifestation of a scout's years of
experience and knowledge."

Finally, Conor Jackson's latest AFL Journal entry contains some clues as to why Carlos Quentin hasn't been playing much -- some lower back trouble (now over).

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