Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Start of Something Big... 

The first (annual? more-than-annual?) D-Backs' Blogging Get-Together was
held last night at Scottsdale Stadium as we watched the Arizona Fall League
and the Scottsdale Scorpions take on the Peoria Javelinas. We spent the
game talking about D-Backs baseball and stuff in general. We also suffered
along with the rest of the crowd the Red Sox-Yankees game, as the stadium
announcer would give us occasional scoring updates, each double-digit Yankee
score drawing a more audible gasp than the last. I'd keep suggesting to Jim
that perhaps this would be the point at which the Red Sox would start a
historic comeback, but I knew I was thinking with my heart much more than my
actual brain at that point. At the very, very least, attending the AFL game
meant we didn't have to suffer much of the Red Sox game.

The two D-Backs who saw action (at least through the 7th inning stretch,
which is when I left) were Conor Jackson and Corey Myers. Jackson showed
some pop in his bat, but I don't recall him having much to do in left field
(or, at least, I don't recall any glaring problems or outstanding catches).
Myers had some great pop in his bat, ripping a 400-foot homerun to
left-centerfield in his first at-bat and ripping a 390-foot double in almost
the same spot in his second at-bat. His fielding at 3rd base was a little
less impressive, as he did get charged with at least 1 and I think maybe 2
errors. He did make a nice play, however, charging the ball on a short hop
to end the 7th. Oh, and for you ASU alums out there, Dustin Pedroia, now of
the Red Sox organization, played decently at shortstop and got at least one
hit. (But he definitely looks small compared to his teammates.)

Many thanks to Jim and Chris (who paid for much more of my stuff than I paid
of theirs) and Diamondbacks Bullpen Forum poster Terry, who stopped by for
dinner beforehand, for an enjoyable evening. We don't plan on this being
the last such get-together, so hopefully we'll see more of you out there
next time, either at an AFL game, spring training, or watching the D-Backs
next year.

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