Thursday, October 14, 2004

Random Thoughts 

Let's see, since the Republic seems to have abandoned any interest in the search for the next D-Backs manager, here's the report from the D-Backs' website. Acta and Backman were interviewed Tuesday and Wednesday; Backman definitely seems like the anti-Brenly, attitude-wise. Maddon and Quirk interview today, with DeMarlo Hale on Friday. The comments on the managerial candidates from Garagiola, Jr. so far have been so uniformly praiseworthy, that I find it impossible to make even poorly speculative guesses as to who might be the front-runner.

I really don't have anything else to mention... I was watching the debate, so missed much of the Yankees-Red Sox game. I haven't seen anything in the two games to make me think the Red Sox can't come back and win this series, but I haven't seen anything that makes think they will, either. A St. Louis-New York World Series, should it come to that, would be highly entertaining.

Oh, and upon reflection, I might've been a bit harsh on Conor Jackson yesterday. It's not that his column was incoherent (and his selection as just one of 3 AFL diarists speaks highly of him), just that it's clear he's in his early 20s...

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