Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Predilections and Predictions 

I don't like doing predictions. Ever since I won the office NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament pool a few years back, I realized that it was a stroke of luck and that I enjoyed running the pool much more than playing in it.

I had planned to have this post be a record of my daughter's picks for the playoffs (a la Dan Bickley's weekly picks from his daughter on his radio show), but since she refused to pick a winner for any series, I can't use this opportunity to highlight the sheer luck associated with these predictions at this stage of the game. Well, she did pick St. Louis over the Dodgers, but that's only because -- and she said this -- she thought I was talking about "Louie's Restaurant," which is featured in her current favorite Richard Scarry picture book. So you can take that pick to the bank.

So rather than talking about who's going to win -- because we have no idea -- let me talk about who I want to win here in the first round. Preference scores are done on a 1-5 scale:

1: Could really care less... what's The Simpsons rerun tonight?
2: OK, maybe I care slightly
3: Would like to see somebody win (or lose), maybe because of a favorite (or hated) player
4: Definite rooting interest and preference
5: [Reserved for Diamondbacks games]

Los Angeles at St. Louis: Dodgers (2) -- It'd be nice to see "Diamondbacks West" do well... OK, it'd be nice to see Steve Finley do well and go far in the playoffs (Dessens and Mayne are just along for the ride). I don't dislike St. Louis, though, and probably would want them to win over the winners of the other NL series.

Houston at Atlanta: Atlanta (1) -- Really, it's do I cheer for Atlanta because my friend Bill is a big Braves fan, or do I cheer against Atlanta because my friend Bill is a big Braves fan? I lived in Texas for many years, but was always a Rangers man.

Boston at Anaheim: Boston (3) -- Nothing against Anaheim, really, but I like Curt Schilling and I've always liked the Red Sox in some genial way.

Minnesota at New York: Minnesota (4) -- I've already clearly established my allegiance to the Twins in past posts, and on top of that, they're playing the Yankees. Go Twins!

So there you have it... you might not know how I'd do in Vegas (the answer, in any case, is poorly), but at least you'll know whether I'm pleased by the outcomes.

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