Thursday, October 28, 2004


No more ads for silly Fox reality shows.

No more Dodge truck ads.

No more Budweiser ads with "Ray." (I would say no more ads about Ray, either, but I'm sure we'll be seeing more of those...)

No more Tim McCarver.

No more Scooter.

No more need to watch a Cardinals offense who scored 12 runs in a 4-game series -- the Yankees scored more than 50% more -- in one game -- against the Red Sox.

No more chances to see non-star players -- Trot Nixon, Derek Lowe -- have great games on a big stage (in Lowe's case, repeatedly).

No more shots of the bloody (and I mean that in both the medical and British sense of the word) ankle.

No more referring to a team with a $125 million payroll, 2nd-highest in baseball, as an underdog.

No more "1918" chants from Yankees fans. (Let's start thinking of 4-syllable chants when the Red Sox host the Yankees in early April... "Year 2000," "0-3 Chokers," "Curse of A-Rod.")

No more discussion about a silly non-existent curse.

It's over, folks. Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox, 2004 World Champions.
This blog is not over, however. I keep talking about reviewing the year, and I do plan on starting that soon. I need a break, bigger than the one I thought I'd get when the playoffs started, but I don't plan on disappearing.

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