Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Other Notes 

-- Wins down, size of losses down, yet nobody knows what the D-Backs payroll will be next year.

-- Of course, it would appear that the D-Backs took a big step toward re-signing Richie Sexson as they offered him a 3-year contract with what sounds like additional cash (or additional guaranteed cash).

-- You would think that if somebody wrote in the Republic on Saturday that Steve Finley had sold his house here in the Valley that it would've been sooner than Wednesday before somebody in the Sports section would've followed up with Finley or his agent. (The upshot? Nothing's guaranteed either way.)

-- Bob Melvin and Wally Backman are interviewing today. Bob Melvin continues to be rumored as the front-runner, but would it kill somebody to at least give a reason for his front-runningness? Manny Acta interviews Monday, so it'll be at least Tuesday before we hear anything.

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