Friday, October 15, 2004

More Blather 

The more I read these articles about the D-Backs manager-hiring process, the less concerned I am that there aren't any articles about the process. The interviews with Angels and Rockies bench coaches Joe Maddon and Jamie Quirk were yesterday and Garagiola, Jr. said absolutely nothing that would help you decide whom they're favoring. That's good, I suppose, but for somebody suffering through post-season news malaise, I wouldn't mind a few more sunk ships.

Bob Brenly, however, has finally broken his relative veil of silence over his firing with this brief interview with Mark Gonzales from the Republic. Brenly seems to blame the non-Colangelo portion of D-Backs management, and takes umbrage at people saying he "couldn't work with kids." Getting into the Brenly firing just seems like more trouble than it's worth at this point, since the team's problems seem mostly talent-based, not managerially-based. Brenly does appear to be getting his answers ready for job interviews, though...

Speaking of easy-going managers, I didn't see much of the Cardinals-Astros game last night, and in particular I missed the bottom of the 8th (saw the top of the 8th... saw the top of the 9th... but missed the good stuff in between). Why, oh, why didn't Phil Garner put Lidge into the lineup in the bottom of the 8th?

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