Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Link update 

Time for some cleaning up of the links.

Took off poor Roses and Rattlers, which I think I discovered the day of its last post, back in April. Guess blogging full-time for a living took its toll on the free stuff...

Cleaned up the link for Out in the Desert. Levski, I see you posting on the Republic's forum... where are you?

Added Collegeball, which is a great college basketball resource. Ryan, I think you'd like this...

Finally, I added Get UP Stand UP, a blog from New York-based music editor Yancey Strickler, whose posts I've enjoyed reading in other fora. His blog posts are good reading, too. Not limited to music.

I try not to go overboard on links -- these 2 new ones are ones I plan to read on a regular basis.

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