Friday, October 01, 2004

Arizona Fall League Get-Together Set 

Yes, Jim, it is going to be 10/16.

The Peoria Javelinas take on Your. Scottsdale. Scorpions. at Scottsdale Stadium Saturday Oct. 16th at 7:05. Jim had talked previously about meeting at a local Old Town watering hole prior to the game -- any suggestions?

All are welcome -- as we get closer to the game we'll note the location of said watering hole and a meeting point for the game itself.


Oh, and I posted my follow-up about the player/wins thing before reading any of the comments on my first posting by Jim and Mike from Mike's Baseball Rants, on whose blog I noted my "find" on a, well, uncharitable view of the D-Backs. It's not that I disagree that the D-Backs are bad, it's just that I believe uncharity begins at home.

My initial thought was the Pink Pony, which isn't the gay bar it sounds like, but is apparently a renowned baseball hangout. However, further research suggested it might be a bit upmarket.

Chris (my wife who'll also be along) used to work in the area, and recommended Pischke's Paradise (7217 E.First St - link goes to deathly-slow home page!); only been there for breakfast personally, but it does seem to have the right laid-back atmosphere. The menu looks pretty good too.

More than open to further suggestions though; having lobbied for the date, don't want to be accused of hijacking all the details! :-)

Jim - But It's a DRY Heat...
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