Monday, October 04, 2004

AFL Gathering Sign-In Sheet 

OK, you don't actually have to sign in. But as Jim suggested in his blog, it might be good to know about how many people might attend both the pre-game dinner and drinks as well as the game itself. You're not committing yourself to going, you don't even need to post your name -- we're just trying to get a head count for the table at the restaurant/bar and an idea of how many tickets our group will need when we get to the game (will that be one section or two?)

Again, Saturday, Oct. 16th at Scottsdale Stadium, 7:05 start for the game; pre-game time TBD.

All are welcome -- it should be lots of fun.

I'll start this off. Will likely be flying solo for this. I think I'm going to be going to be heading there straight from a barbeque, so I probably don't need food, but would get there for a beer by 6 PM or so...
Me plus one (Chris will be my designated driver!). Food will be consumed; though anyone know if I should leave room for a Scottsdale Stadium dog? Probably aim to get there 5pm or so, all being well.

Jim - But It's a DRY Heat...
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