Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Two Trains Colliding 

Pity last night's squad... 19-49 since the All-Star Break, with the staff ace pitching well in his last 5 starts (1.84 ERA) but a 2-3 record to show for it. And the ace pitches well once again, giving up just 1 earned run... and they lose? Now they're 19-50?

Huh? No, it's not the D-Backs and Randy Johnson I'm talking about, but the Brewers and Ben Sheets. Unluckily for Sheets, he was going up against Randy Johnson, and while the D-Backs' bats didn't exactly set BOB aflame, they did score 3 runs, which was more than enough. Heck, the relief staff pitched 2 solid innings of relief, too. 3-1, Diamondbacks.

For what it's worth, the D-Backs' record since the All-Star Break is 17-53 (including last night's game).

In other news, Chris Snyder won't be playing in the Arizona Fall League this year. Looks like we'll get catcher Corey Myers in exchange.

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