Friday, September 24, 2004

Two Painful 

With the 7-1 and 2-1 doubleheader losses by the D-Backs to the Rockies yesterday, our pain can now be measured in single digits, as we have just 9 games left. The D-Backs seem to have forgotten entirely that we were playing in Coors Field, as they managed just 4 runs in 3 games. It was painful to realize the D-Backs turned 18 hits yesterday afternoon into just 2 runs. That ain't good.

If anything, hopefully Randy and other sportswriters were paying attention -- Randy got 2 runs scored on his behalf on Wednesday, matching the D-Backs' total in 2 games yesterday. Again, it's not that the offense is anemic when Randy's pitching -- it's that the offense is anemic, period.

Other stuff... Ryan at West Coast Bias noted the BP review of the Diamondbacks yesterday. It's hard to argue with the magnitude of the D-Backs' fall from grace, but in the same paragraph, BP manages to blame the decline from 2001 on "poor baseball management" while noting that they won the World Series in 2001. I'm not saying the D-Backs haven't suffered some poor baseball management (note the utter lack of success by their recent FA/trade pitching signings). But this year's collapse (made worse by injury and luck -- look at their Pythagenport record -- two issues completely ignored by the paragraph) cannot be discussed without discussing the 2001 World Championship. The D-Backs went the high-risk/high-reward route in signing veterans to long-term contracts, and reaped both the rewards (in 2001) and the risks (now). I'll be honest, folks -- in hindsight, knowing that we still have a year or two before things can get significantly better, I'd still do what the D-Backs did to get their championship.

But now that we have ours, please let's not do it again.

Also wanted to point out the article by Bob McManaman on the possibility of Mark Grace managing the D-Backs. It's nothing more than hearsay and speculation, but at least it's in-depth hearsay and speculation

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