Thursday, September 02, 2004

Take That! 

3-1 D-Backs over the Dodgers. One of those games where you remember how things can go right. Yet another solid starting pitching performance from Brandon Webb -- 3 hits, 3 walks, and 7 strikeouts over 6 innings. 3 solid innings of relief work from Nance, Koplove, and Aquino. And a 3-run rally all started by Webb drawing a 2-out walk with Hideo Nomo and capped by Shea Hillenbrand getting a 2-out bases-loaded single. It was like "Bizarro D-Backs."

There was some talk on Dodger Thoughts' comments section yesterday (OK, at least one comment) about how they expected Nomo to have a good game and Webb, who needed a couple more years seasoning in AAA, would get hammered.

I take no small consolation in seeing the latter prediction refuted entirely (Webb has had a pretty good season, and may have put his early super-wildness behind him) and the former partially. As I keep telling people in "real life," the D-Backs team is bad, but not awful, and is certainly capable, with Johnson and Webb pitching, of disrupting the NL West race.

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