Monday, September 27, 2004


Is this how low we've sunk? To be happy that a former member of the D-Backs starting rotation managed to go a whole four innings, and "save the bullpen a little bit." Goodness, gracious, folks, even I have more pride than that. 7-1, Padres, for the 6th D-Back loss in a row. Peavy just made the D-Backs look bad...

You would think, reading Tim Tyers' summary of the game in the Republic, that he'd been suffering with the team all season. He hasn't really, though, so maybe he's just a little more negative. The man does not like Luis Terrero, though I'd agree that Terrero had a lousy series against the Padres.

In the 1:00 hour yesterday I spent time flipping channels between the Cardinals-Falcons game and the Diamondbacks-Padres game. That was an hour I'll never get back. Sports at its ugliest. (OK, I guess the Padres played their game well, but I didn't really need to see that.)

Finally, it looks like there is some small consensus forming around going to see the Arizona Fall League game on Saturday, Oct. 16th at 7 PM. If I recall one of Jim's comments, I think the game's at Scottsdale Stadium. Unless somebody comments by Wednesday that we should not pick that game, let's do that game. Again, comment either way.

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