Tuesday, September 07, 2004


I never wrote about Sunday's 4-1 D-Backs loss to the Giants. Why? I don't know. It was disappointing, of course, to see the D-Backs offense from Friday and Saturday disappear. But it's not like Randy pitched a great game. And it didn't help that Randy himself popped out on a bunt attempt in, what, the sixth inning?

Paola Boivin has a puff piece on Curt Schilling in this morning's Republic. It occurs to me that Schilling is becoming the Senator John McCain of baseball -- his opinion sought on just about anything and known for speaking unorthodox opinions. Of course, John McCain isn't the top dog -- President -- so perhaps Schilling hopes the similarity stops there.

Josh Kroeger -- 10 strikeouts in 15 plate appearances. Where are all the Terrero-like articles on his wildness? (Please note, I'm hopeful that Kroeger turns around -- I'm just still miffed at all those Republic articles on Terrero last month.)

September is lining up to be a busy month for me, so my ability to post will be restricted at times. I don't expect to post tomorrow through Friday, so I'm hoping for a 3-game sweep against the Dodgers to make me jealous I can't post.

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