Thursday, September 23, 2004

Playing Out The String 

Oh, man, I'm just like the Diamondbacks, just trying to get through these last 12 (now 11) games as quickly as possible. Keep the entries short, because at this point, what is left to say? (OK, plenty, but nothing I'm interested in.)

Unlike last week, when the Rockies offense played like they thought it was Coors Field, last night's 4-2 D-Backs loss to the Rockies could've been played anywhere except Coors Field. Another strong pitching performance by Randy Johnson; another anemic offensive performance by the D-Backs. If I had more time (which I don't), I would do further research on the theory I advanced a couple weeks ago, which is that one reason for the small statistical difference (possibly not even statistically significant) between D-Back runs scored in Randy's starts compared to other starts is that Johnson's pitching opponents are probably their staff aces, too. So while it's disappointing that the D-Backs could only score 2 runs, we should keep in mind that Colorado had their #1 starter out there (though perhaps Kennedy has had a better year). That by itself could be enough to explain away the rest of the difference.

But the defense was to blame, too...

And it's already 3-0 Rockies in the bottom of the 1st.


Playing out the string, that's all I'm doing...

"Hopefully I can go five or six innings." -- Steve Sparks, on his upcoming Sunday start. Frankly, I like to see a wee bit more confidence in my starters than exhibited here...

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