Tuesday, September 21, 2004

October (and November) Classics 

I'd been planning since last week to note the Arizona Fall League rosters were up, but Jim beat me to it. In any case, here's the main page, the schedule, and an article on the teams in the League.

Since our blogging D-Backs' confab never really got together, I suggested then and formally suggest now that we get together for a Fall League game. Here are the ground rules I'd suggest:
1. It has to be a Scottsdale Scorpions game (the D-Backs' players are assigned to the Scorpions).
2. Game must be at night during M-F, or any time Sa (no Sunday games).
3. No games T or W night (assuming SlamFest is still going on, Jim).
4. I gather the bloggers are mostly East Valley (or at least not West Valley) people, so I've eliminated games at the Peoria Sports Complex. This is optional, but I'd much rather see a game at Scottsdale Stadium or Ho-Ho-Kam, if only for time purposes (not to mention aesthetic).

With these 4 ground rules, here are the 7 games that pass muster:
10/9 (Sa) @ 1
10/16 (Sa) @ 7
10/21 (Th) @ 7
10/29 (F) @ 7
10/30 (Sa) @ 1
11/6 (Sa) @ 7
11/12 (F) @ 7

I don't have my calendar (or at least my wife's calendar), handy, so I don't know how many of these won't work for other reasons.

Jim, even if it's just you and me, I'm definitely in for one of these games. But hopefully Ryan, Robert, Stephen, and others will/can join in.

If you want to join us, post in the Comments section your available times. Looking forward to this.

Yes, still up for this. The only definite "no" of those listed is Oct 29th (running a Halloween event at the Sets), though since we'll be out v.late that night, Oct 30's day game is best avoided too. Otherwise, any of those should be fine.

My *preference* would be for the 16th Oct (Scottsdale is easier to reach for me, and we could get there early and sink a beer in Old Town), but I'm happy to wait a couple of days and see if anyone else has an opinion before you make a final decision (I'll leave that to you!).

Jim - But It's a DRY Heat.
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