Sunday, September 12, 2004

No News Is Bad News 

I was out of town the past three days, which meant that I only got the briefest of glimpses of D-Backs-related news.  An early morning Republic on Wednesday, then the occasional glimpses on TV tickers.  (On which I always seemed to focus attention after they showed the D-Backs-Dodgers score.)  From what I did see, it appeared the D-Backs played the Dodgers close, but just couldn't hold leads in the later innings.  I haven't checked any box scores, so I have no idea if those were the result of collapses by the starters or the bullpen.

I got back to town about 9:50 or so last night, which, judging by the box score in the paper this morning, was probably about 5 minutes before the D-Backs-Giants game ended.  So clearly my fear that the D-Backs-Dodgers series would be great for the Diamondbacks in my absence was not just wrong, but 180-degrees wrong.  The D-Backs need me in town, judging by the fact that they won, 2-1.  (Which does not bode well for next weekend's series, as I'll be gone then, too.)

Randy Johnson pitched another very good game and got very little offensive support.  Koplove and Aquino pitched a shaky 8th and 9th inning, but got out of the innings unscathed.  And Doug "War -- What Is It Good" DeVore hit the game-winning 2-run homerun.  DeVore, who appeared to be about the worst of the Sidewinder callups, won Randy Johnson the game.  Were the team 93-48 instead of 48-93 (or, heck, even 73-68), whoulda-thunk-it game-winning hits by DeVore and other scrubs would be much more common.  As it is, DeVore's homerun stands out by its absence.

And Barry didn't hit his 699th or 700th.  But up against Stephen Randolph tonight?  Barry could get 701...

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