Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I Gotta Stop Watching Vinnie Castilla 

I watched portions of last night's game, including the top of the 6th and 8th. In the 6th, it appeared Gosling was running out of gas after an excellent start, and although he induced Castilla to hit a ground ball for a possible double play, it had eyes, and it knotted the game up at 2-2. (I turned it off because Fetters came running in and I couldn't bear to watch.) Then, in the 8th, Koplove, who's had a bad stretch of late, had a throwing error, a walk, and gave up another RBI single to Castilla, thereby tying it up at 3-3. I didn't bother to stay up for the eventual end in the 13th inning, Hillenbrand getting another RBI to deliver a 4-3 victory over the Rockies. Gotta give it up to the pitching staff, though. Aside from Koplove, solid pitching all around. Wish the offense had turned 13 hits and 2 walks into more than just 4 runs, but it's a win, and I'm not complaining.

More on Barry Bonds, Al Pedrique, and Bud Selig later.

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