Friday, September 03, 2004

How Much Would You Pay? 

Jon over at Dodger Thoughts has argued that the question of signing Adrian Beltre is not so much should the Dodgers sign him, but for how much should they sign him.

Prompted by Lubomir's thoughts on Richie Sexson's contract, what is the largest contract (if any) you would like to see the D-Backs sign with Sexson?

For those of you trying to keep within $70 M for 2005 and adding and subtracting salary changes from this year, keep in mind that Sexson is getting paid $7 M this year, so the marginal cost of signing Sexson at, say, $10 M per year is only $3 M.

"None" is also an acceptable answer, though you should probably outline what you'd use your money for instead.

I know others (Ryan, for example) have thought about this, too...

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