Sunday, September 26, 2004

D-Backs Double-Take Two More... Losses 

It is an axiom that it is never a good sign for at least one team involved when you do a double-take when reading the sports scores.  So when I opened up this morning's Republic to see the "Padres 6, D-Backs 5" score at the bottom the Sports section's front page and did a double-take, I knew the story behind it wouldn't be good.

The Republic had either a) messed up and duplicated Friday's score, or b) the D-Backs had, indeed, lost their second straight game to the Padres by an identical score.  Sure enough, the answer was "b."  I suppose this was a slightly less painful loss as on Friday we gave up 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th to lose it, while no such last-minute occurred Saturday night.

Most stunning stat of all -- to score the 5 runs on Friday night, the D-Backs had seven - 7! - consecutive hits.

All of them singles.

And now Jake Peavy is making the Diamondbacks look bad and Sparks is making the Padres look good.  4-0, bottom of the 2nd.

Less than seven games to go... less than seven games to go...

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